This time three years ago, we were at the beginning of our Inis Meáin adventure

Exactly three years ago, on 10 January in 2013, we had been on Inis Meáin for three days, at the beginning of our six months of living in one of the most beautiful places on earth. We were settling into the house we were staying in, making ourselves at home. Jack was setting up one room of the house as his study for writing his PhD and I was setting up my study in another room for my work.



My main memories of what I was thinking in those early days of being on the island:

“I’m so glad we came to this place. Who knows what’s going to happen in the next six months.”

“Wow, our landlord and landlady are so helpful! In fact, everyone on the island is so friendly.”

“I wonder who the neighbour is across from us.”

“Thank God the internet works!”

“Is there a doctor on this island?”

“This place is stunning; breathtaking views.”

“We’ll need to get a bike.”

“How’s the serenity!”

We had a few visitors in the early stages of our stay but they were mainly animals. This little bird was quite a bit different from the big cockatoos and galahs we have in Australia. Much sweeter, smaller and not as noisy.


We were also getting familiar with the spectacular views from every angle of the kitchen window. We never got sick of that view which changed a few times every day.


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There was a bit of rain (expected) but we didn’t mind as we’d just escaped 40+°C heat back home.




Would we go back again? Yes, for sure. One day.


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