Spot the difference in warning signs – Inis Meàin and NSW Aussie style

On one of our bike rides during May on Inis Meàin, down near the airport, we came across this sign, warning us to be careful not to step on seagulls’ eggs which were in nests on the ground.

nesting birds near airport 31 May 2013 (0)


Or this warning sign, where the undersea electricity cables were …

13 Jan 2013 Black Beach Walk Inis Meain (240)


Or this sign, reminding people what not to do with their car and where not to park:

Kilronan Pier Inishmore (22)

This afternoon, on our bike ride around a track near our local waterway, Dora Creek, we came across this sign.



Mind you, this sign has been up since last summer, when it really is snake season.

Being without bikes felt like we were missing an adventures, as our bike rides often were on Inis Meàin. We miss that feeling … but going on bike rides in our local area has reminded us of the adventures that are just waiting not far from our front door.

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