Quick stop in at Maynooth College, just outside of Dublin

The trip across from Galway to Dublin allowed me to catch up on some of my work and, because we had a bit of spare time before we arrived in Dublin, we stopped off at Maynooth College in the town of Maynooth, just outside Dublin.

IMG_1697      IMG_1713

Mum’s grandfather, my great-grandfather, John Joseph Walters (1871-1935) worked here before he left Ireland to live in Australia. He worked at Maynooth College, mending the garments of the priests who were studying in the seminary.

What a beautiful old grand place this is.






IMG_1714      IMG_1723

IMG_1705      IMG_1704


IMG_1745    IMG_1731

IMG_1739    IMG_1738

IMG_1726      IMG_1725

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