Farewell party on Inis Meàin Saturday 15 June 2013

[Please note that this blogpost is a bit late. Although today is 4 July 2013 and we are now back in Oz, our farewell party on Inis Meàin took place on 15 June 2013. Apologies for the delay in publishing this post.]

The night of Saturday 15 June was our farewell party at the  Óstán Inis Meáin (Hotel at Inis Meàin). Thanks to Pàraic, Gobnait, Kevin, Ivan and other staff and the guests who attended for making this such a great night. The students from the Inis Meàin school played some wonderful music, some of the islanders broke out into songs in Irish and there was great craic all around – all this made for a very special night for Jack and me, a night we won’t forget. It was so touching to see so many of our new Inis Meàin friends all in the one place at the one time.

Gobnait and Jack …

Jack and Gobnait (1)

Mourteen, Brendan and Rory …

Mourteen Brendon Rory (1)

Karen, Eenya and Duggan …

Karen Eenya Duggan

Pàraic singing …

Paraic Conneely (3)

Collette and Ray singing “Come by the hills”:

Collette and Ray singing


The lads in the corner watching the photo slideshow – picking out their animals, houses, gates, etc. There’s not much of this island that isn’t recognised by one of these fellas.

boys watching pics (2)

Great music from the students at the primary school and the high school:


_MG_8185 _MG_8188 _MG_8194

Schook kids music (4)    Schook kids music (5)

Enjoying the music …

Stella …



Angela …



Alba and Vilma …


Vilma’s chocolate cake was a huge hit – what a taste! So typical of Vilma’s superb cooking.


Farewell cake from Vilma (5)

Luis, Vilma, Alba, Ana-Maria

Farewell cake from Vilma (2)      Farewell cake from Vilma (3)

Our speeches … Jack gave a great speech in Irish, thanking our newfound friends for making us so welcome to the island. I gave a very short speech in Irish – or my attempt at Irish.

_MG_8221    _MG_8219

_MG_8217     _MG_8214

Thanks to Luis for sharing his photos with us to add to this post.

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  1. Clarissa

    You’re missed a lot. The island feels so different without you! Very quiet :'( Come back soon!

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