Tá sé agaofar (tar shay a gweefa) – IT’S WINDY!

A few days ago, our neighbour Páraic, told us how to say “it’s windy” in Irish: tá sé gaofar (it’s windy). It sure is!!!!!

Since Friday, it’s been very windy and the seas are extremely high. Yesterday, the horizon looked like a line of peaked mountains but they were waves, not mountains. Gigantic waves were crashing against all the shores, both on the island and the mainland, and there were also huge waves forming and smashing against each other out to sea.

We’ve been told that, until about Wednesday, there will be no ferries or boats coming to the island. The plane comes in and out when the wind dies down a bit and the helicopter is available, thankfully, for medical emergencies.

It’s strange to feel a bit cut off but thank goodness for mobile phones and the internet.

We also learned the words for snow stones - clocha sneachta -since they were blowing around the place a few days ago. Here’s a handful of what they look like. Although they’re not as big as Aussie hailstones, they do make an impact when they fly into your face at high speed! Looks like snow when they collect around the edges of the houses.


Yesterday afternoon, amongst the madness of the wind and rain, we decided to take a bike ride down to the coast to check out the choppy shoreline. From there, we saw a helicopter land and take off, taking one of the older residents from the island back to a hospital on the mainland. Good to know it’s there if needed.


From where we were down near the coast, we also got a stunning view of the storm that was about to hit. It came in quickly. All Jack and I could do was to yell at each other “save yourself” as we cycled as hard as we could to get back to the house. The pic below gives you an idea of how close we arewhere we are in relation to the coast and the airport. It’s not a great photo but I’ve circled the helicopter and put a rectangle around out house. The main village is higher up the hill from our place.

IMG_0012 - Copy

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