Telling the time on Inis Meàin

For a few months now, we’ve stopped wearing our watches. Instead we’ve worked out what time of day it is by looking out the window to see which boat is coming in or by listening for the plane. If the ferry is coming in from Galway, it’s either 11.15amish or 7.15pmish. If the ferry is coming across from Inis Oírr to stop at Inis Meàin on its way back to Galway it’s either 8.15am or 4.30pm. And then there are the Doolin ferries which, since April, seem to be head back and forth from Doolin to Inis Mór a few times a day. The cargo boat, that Jack has nicknamed Dougal from the Magic Roundabout TV series, not the Father Ted series, moves slowly across the sea in the front of our place about 8.30am each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, except when the weather is too awful for it to sail.

Then there are the planes. A plane leaves just after 9am, between 10 and 11am and just before 5pm on most days, more on busier days. On most days, Joe, one of the island men, speeds past our place on his mobility scooter before each plane lands. His job is to book people onto the plane. Almost every time Joe speeds down the hill past our place to the airport or up the hill on his way home from the airport, his trusty little dog follows on all-fours. His dog usually arrives a while after Joe but he gets there in the end. What a loyal buddy!



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