Walk to the coast looking towards Inishmore

We haven’t yet been to Inishmore, the largest of the Aran Islands, but we could see it well from the coast today where we went for our midday walk.

IMG_0832     IMG_0893

IMG_0840     IMG_0860

The bikes are making it much easier to get around. Slowly getting used to the gears. Love having a basket to carry goodies back from the (one) shop on the island.

IMG_0797     IMG_0796

IMG_0809      IMG_0823

Thanks, Carolyn, for the Kathmandu scarf and hoodie – both came in very handy today

IMG_0886      IMG_0897

IMG_0845      IMG_0844

Of course, there are always woolly animals to say hello to on the way.

IMG_0820     IMG_0828

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4 thoughts on “Walk to the coast looking towards Inishmore

  1. robyn

    turning green here – give us some pics that don’t make me envious! Even the frost does it for me! The dogs playing made me smile – what a life for them … and for your two!

    1. Maria

      Good to hear from you Robyn!! Yes, the frost was beautiful. Something that won’t make you envious … the wind, we’ve had quite a bit of that lately. Glad to aren’t going over to Galway this weekend! Think the seas might be a bit rough.

  2. Kristin

    Really enjoyed the photos, Maria and Jack. We like those long, low buildings which inspired the Australian early colonial architecture. Thank you for the sunrise picture with the long low building in it. Impressed with how low the land appears, and how cute the animals are. What sheep! And that windswept chicken in the pot! Generous collection of pictures makes us feel almost like we are there!

    1. mnadmin Post author

      Thanks for your comments, Kristin!! Don’t you love the animals on this island. They are real characters:)

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