Sea dog

There are so many great dogs on this island and they have such distinct personalities. Quite a few of them go to work with their owners, even the very old dogs. Many a red tractor drives past our house during the day, with a faithful dog running along behind with a huge smile and a happy step. There is a feeling of freedom and independence about the dogs.

This morning at the barge port, there were a couple of dogs playing with the sea. They were completely soaked, had no care at all that the sea spray was drenching them every now and again. They were having a ball. They had decided to come down to the shore in the morning at sunrise, then they decided to stay for a while and then decided when to trot home. No leads, no fences but plenty of freedom and fun, and maybe just a little bit of madness.

IMG_0746     IMG_0754

Click here: Video of dog playing with the sea

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