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The spirit of Inis Meàin

It seems that the spirit of Inis Meàin doesn’t just exist on the island. It drifts around the world somehow, keeping the company of those who have been to the island in the past.

It seems that past residents of the island have a special place in their heart for Inis Meàin. Newcomers to Inis Meàin are often struck by the special look and spirit of the place and it seems that many visitors become long time friends of people who live there, returning again and again. People from the island who travel around the world write touching messages on social media about how they miss Inis Meàin.

A friend of mine from Australia, Robert, recently visited Inis Meàin for a few days. When he returned from his travels, he explained to some of our mutual friends that he had visited Maria’s spiritual home of Inis Meàin.  I had never used those words before to explain the way I felt about the island but I like the way he described the place in that way. It’s such a long way from Australia but it’s a place I hope to visit again soon, hopefully repeatedly throughout my life.

I woke up this morning to a sparkling day where I live in Australia. There are all sorts of birds singing and squawking – the birdsong of our Aussie parrots is not as sweet and polite as the birds on Inis Meàin! Many of our birds are very LOUD. When I checked my email, there was an update message, telling me that Elisabeth, one of the residents of the island, had just added a new blogpost to the Aran Islands blogsite. I love the way she has captured the spirit of the place and the animals in this blogpost. Together, with the people, the houses, the rocks and the landscape, the animals contribute so much to the feeling of the island.

Aran Islands blog

So, if you’d like to experience some of the spirit of Inis Meàin from afar, have a read of Elisabeth’s post, Embedded in Goodness. She captures it well.

Embedded in goodness


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