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Seven moons ago …

Today marks the day that we left Inis Meàin seven months ago. As we see each new full moon, we are reminded of our lovely time on the island.

Apparently tonight’s full moon will be the smallest moon of 2014.

The Minimoon rising in the sky on Jan. 15, 2014 is pictured to the left. For comparison, on the right is a depiction of the Supermoon that will rise in Aug. 10, 2014.


I’m not sure exactly what this means but this is what the full moon looked like over Lake Macquarie in NSW, just near where we live.

Full moon Lake Macquarie 17 Jan 2014 (8)

The moon over water was a common theme in our Inis Meàin photos.

Moon 23 June 2013 (2)

Here are some more Inis Meàin moon photos.

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7 January 2013 was the day we arrived on Inis Meãin

Our trip to the island was quite calm although the weather was a bit overcast. Compared to the weather on the Aran Islands at the moment (January 2014), we were lucky with our smooth crossing last year.

07 Jan 2013 to Inis Meain (5)

07 Jan 2013 to Inis Meain (8)


The lovely Pãraic met us at the boat, drove us up to our new abode and helped us unpack.

07 Jan 2013 to Inis Meain (21)

07 Jan 2013 to Inis Meain (52)


We were so excited to be there, after months of preparation.

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2-7 January 2013 – a glimpse of Galway

Galway banner 2013

This time last year, we were wandering about in Galway, gathering up supplies for our island life on Inis Meãin. Although we’d be to the island for a few days the year before, we weren’t quite sure what to expect when we arrived. Looking back, a year later, any of our nervousness about settling into the island and getting to know the people was unfounded. Not only did we enjoy our little Galway-getaways, we just loved living on Inis Meãin and getting to know the people who lived there.

Galway 03 Jan 2013 (1)

Galway 03 Jan 2013 (4)

Galway 03 Jan 2013 (5)

04 Jan 2013 Galway (27) 04 Jan 2013 Galway (41)




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2 Jan 2013 – On Irish soil

Last year, this is the day we took the ferry from Holyhead in Wales to Dublin in Ireland.

02 Jan 2013 Anglesey to Holyhead (7)

02 Jan 2013 Ferry (2)

02 Jan 2013 Ferry (3)

02 Jan 2013 Ferry (35)

Our first peek of Ireland …

02 Jan 2013 Ferry (37)

And then across the county to Galway where we stayed for the next five days to stock up on supplies for our new island home. For five days we stayed at The Western Hotel, Galway.

The Western Hotel Galway

We came to love the coastal city of Galway on the west coast of Ireland. Over the six months we were living on Inis Meãin, Galway became our home away from home (Inis Meãin) away from home (Australia).

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New Year’s Day, 2013, London then onto Wales

Before we headed over to Ireland last year, we spent New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day morning in London.

01 Jan 2013 Holiday Inn Heathrow (3)  01 Jan 2013 Holiday Inn Heathrow (5)

Then up to Birmingham …

01 Jan 2013 Birmingham (11)   01 Jan 2013 Birmingham (47)

01 Jan 2013 Birmingham (24)

… and onto Wales where we spent the night at Anglesey at the Gazelle Hotel. Comfy, warm room for us and lovely friendly people at the hotel.

01 Jan 2013 Birmingham to Wales (14)    02 Jan 2013 Gazelle Hotel Anglesey (14)

02 Jan 2013 Gazelle Hotel Anglesey (9)


The weather was grey and wet but it didn’t dampen our spirits. We were off to Ireland the next day!

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