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Inis Meàin … never far from our hearts

Because we loved our time so much on Inis Meàin, the island and the people of Inis Meàin are never far from our hearts. Around our home in Australia, we have plenty to remind us of the kindness and the personalities of our Inis Meàin friends. I don’t know when we’ll have the chance to see you all again but just know that you are often in our thoughts. When the most recent full moon rose a week or so ago, Jack and I both fondly remembered our last night at the bonfire on the island which was marked by the full moon in June. The full moon at the end of August reminded us that we had left the island two months ago. We hope to experience another full moon on the island some time not too far away.

Here are some ways that our home in Australia reminds us of the home we had in Inis Meàin for the first six months of this year.  I’m sure you’ll recognise some signs of Inis Meàin here …


IMG_7654         IMG_7669

IMG_7664     IMG_7661

IMG_7660     IMG_7659

IMG_7658     IMG_7657We love having memories of you all around our home.


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Island blackberries and Aussie mulberries

I heard recently from our friends on Inis Meàin that the blackberries are all coming out all over the island.


In Australia, today is the first day of spring and the first thing I noticed this morning when I looked out of our bathroom window was this … the first red mulberries of spring.

first mulberries of spring (2)

Our mulberry tree has been growing like crazy since we’ve been back in Australia and the mulberries are now showing a lot of promise for the weeks to come. 



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