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Spot the difference in warning signs – Inis Meàin and NSW Aussie style

On one of our bike rides during May on Inis Meàin, down near the airport, we came across this sign, warning us to be careful not to step on seagulls’ eggs which were in nests on the ground.

nesting birds near airport 31 May 2013 (0)


Or this warning sign, where the undersea electricity cables were …

13 Jan 2013 Black Beach Walk Inis Meain (240)


Or this sign, reminding people what not to do with their car and where not to park:

Kilronan Pier Inishmore (22)

This afternoon, on our bike ride around a track near our local waterway, Dora Creek, we came across this sign.



Mind you, this sign has been up since last summer, when it really is snake season.

Being without bikes felt like we were missing an adventures, as our bike rides often were on Inis Meàin. We miss that feeling … but going on bike rides in our local area has reminded us of the adventures that are just waiting not far from our front door.

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Full moon – Inis Meàin and NSW Aussie style

On our bike ride this afternoon, we saw a beautiful big full moon, rising over a local oval …

full moon cooranbong 21 July 2013 (3)

full moon nsw


It reminded us of exactly one month ago – our last night on Inis Meàin. For our last night on the island, Sunday 23 June 2013, there was a perfect full moon as the island celebrated a bonfire for St John’s eve. St John is the patron saint of the island.

Moon 23 June 2013 (1)


Moon 23 June 2013 (5)

Moon 23 June 2013 (6)

We went along to the bonfire which was held at Dún Chonchúir (Conor’s Fort), as it had been for hundreds and hundreds of years, dating back to pre-Christian days. Bonfire location by day …

Dún Chonchúir 02 Mar 2013 (133)

And by night …

Bonfire 23 June 2013 (1)

Bonfire 23 June 2013 (11)

And here are another few memorable full moons on Inis Meàin …

moonrise over paraics

another moonrise

another moonrise2

another moonrise3

another moonrise4

another moonrise5


The same moon looking down on us all – down under and up in Inis Meàin. Hope all our friends on Inis Meàin enjoy a full summer’s moon tonight.

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Water, water nowhere and everywhere – Inis Meàin and Aussie style

Although Ireland is known as one of the greenest counties in the world, we heard today that there are water restrictions on Inis Meàin at the moment …


water restrictions



Where we are now, in NSW, a bit of rain coming up in our down-under winter …

cooranbong weather

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Trees – Inis Meàin and Aussie style

A few of the trees down our street:




On Inis Meàin? Well … there weren’t really that many trees. Some would say … there are no trees. There were a few almost-trees in the village … see in the background here (although this donkey and his mate made mince meat of these shrubs after a few days, despite the innocent look). Between the Atlantic winds and the animals, there wasn’t much chance of trees growing much higher than these shrubs.

two village donkeys 13 June 2013 (9)


So, mostly we didn’t see trees … but big, beautiful horizons …

Pics from house 8 Mar 2013 (2)

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